You are the light
in my darkness.
You are the calm
in my storm.
You give me hope
in my despair.
You catch me
when I fall.
You will be always and forever
be in my heart
Even when we are apart.



here it is the witching hour

haven’t even been able to shower

the weather has everyone freaking

lightening and thunder breaking

floods leave some at a  loss

they cry seeing all the chaos

why oh why is this happening to us they ask

as they bury their loved ones in a cask

dark times are upon us they say

let us be saved from our misery they pray

being specific not they

lost everything that day

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block sucks. I have been trying to get past a scene in my story for like what seems forever. I have tried writing prompts and any other type of reading to gain any inspiration. It’s like my characters are on strike and don’t want to work! I even have tried writing a “maybe” scene but it doesn’t go with the story so I’ll just file that away when I need for something else.

What do you do when you have a writer’s block and just can’t seem to break it?

Emotional Words

Read the lines that I write.

Savour each word you repeat.

Feel these feelings of mine.

Are my words savory or sweet?

Do you feel raw or exposed

Or do you feel defeat?

These words I disclosed,

These emotions are real.

I write what I write

To feel, to heal.